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Redpaw Perform Treats

Redpaw Perform Treats complement an athletic and working dog’s diet by addressing their unique physical needs. The need to maintain a working dog’s coat, skin, feet, joints, and energy level is critical to their ability to perform at all levels. These functional treats can be used individually for specific health issues or simply to reward good behaviour. Used together, they create a balanced supplement program.

Functionality built into a tasty treat – what could be better? Regardless of conditions, Redpaw Perform Treats are easy to use – no messy powders or liquids to mix. Dogs will devour these treats – they love the taste and crunchy texture.

The winning combination of Redpaw Perform Treats and Redpaw dog food is sure to provide a winning performance! Redpaw performance has been proven under extreme racing conditions and is fully endorsed by Lance Mackey, multiple Iditarod® Champion.

Product Features:

Redpaw Perform Treats are designed to complement a dog’s diet and training/working regime. These nutrient rich, functional treats will actually improve a dog’s nutrition – not detract from it. The three functional treats offer the following product features:

  • A unique blend of fresh human-grade salmon (first ingredient) and farm fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Grain-free formulas
  • 100% natural, nothing artificial - no empty calories
  • Convenient size - the perfect size for a training reward.

For more information visit,http://www.redpawfeed.com/catalog/2