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Natural Treats for Dogs and Cats

Premium training treats, natural, tasty, low calorie healthy snacks for your dog or cat. Tri-Natural Products - your best resource for natural dog food, natural cat food, natural dog treats, and natural pet supplements.

Selecting the best natural treat for your pet isn't easy. More and more, consumers are looking for natural treats their dog or cat will love with an ingredient panel they can truly trust. At Tri-Natural Products, we understand this and we only offer natural treats that are uncompromised in their superior quality ingredients. Many of our treats provide added health benefits with the inclusion of functional ingredients to add to their effectiveness.


Our natural treats are wholesome and do not contain any artificial colourings or flavourings and by-products. You do not have to worry about any harsh chemicals in our treats. This is because they use only the highest quality ingredients - in many cases these ingredients are human-grade. This coupled with their state of the art processing methods and a concentrated, balanced blend of food results in optimum health for your dog, including:

  • Easier digestibility
  • Reduced allergic reactions.

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