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McIntosh Pro Line - All Natural Supplements for Dogs and Cats

McIntosh Pro Line products for dogs and cats were developed to address pet health concerns such as neonatal nutrition, gastro-intestinal health, dental care, hygiene, crisis nutrition, joint support and pain relief. Developed under the guidance of Doug McIntosh and Dr. Gary Pusillo who realized that taking animal health to the next level meant moving beyond outdated technologies or practices often found in contemporary commercial animal and avian care.

The natural products provide pet owners with tools and knowledge to establish proactive health strategies today-naturally. The success of the McIntosh Pro Line products is driven by tangible and relevant outcomes. They believe that when you blend high quality scientifically based ingredients with imagination and creativity, practical experience, and on sound research, the results will speak for themselves.

McIntosh Pro Line has created the following fine nutritional products that consistently and reliably deliver results as promised. They do not compromise the integrity or quality of the product.

Advanced Nutrition Naturally.

Nature's Dentist - Easy to use, dental care supplement for cats and dogs.
Flex-All Joint Support Biscuits - All natural nutraceutical dog joint supplement.
Digest-Aide - Protects and balances pet's stomach for optimal digestion and health.
Jump Start Plus - Natural, holistic appetite stimulant for pets.
Compose - Calming supplement to help pets deal with stress.

For more information, please visit www.mcintoshproline.com

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