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Daily Immune Support for Dogs & Cats

What is ImmunoPET?
ImmunoPET is a daily immune support system for dogs and cats. It is a complex blend of plant sterols together with potent antioxidant support and an essential fatty acid complex.

ImmunoPET is designed to be used on a daily basis to help maintain your pet's optimum health. If however, your pet has been diagnosed with any health complaint, illness or disease, ImmunoPET may help provide symptomatic relief, as well as overall immune system enhancement. And remember, if your pet is sick, there is almost always an underlying cause, which is most likely due to a weakened immune system.

What are seasonal allergies?
Seasonal allergies are usually just that – seasonal. Dogs, and to a lesser degree cats, with airborne sensitivities will start to show symptoms such as dry skin, excessive scratching on the body to the point of causing redness & discolouration of the skin, licking & chewing of the legs and paws, dirty & smelly ears, etc. If these symptoms are not present throughout the colder months, but return every spring and summer, odds are the pet has an environmental allergy/sensitivity/intolerance.

How long will it take ImmunoPET to relieve my pet’s symptoms?
The answer to this is not straightforward. There are many factors at play, such as the general health of the pet, age of the pet, sensitivity to the allergen etc. but it is safe to say that improvements may be seen in the first few days to weeks, with significant results within a month to two months. ImmunoPET is the only daily supplement of plant sterols synergistically formulated with antioxidants and essential fatty acids to positively balance and support a pet’s immune system.

What are Phytosterols (Beta Sitosterol?
ImmunoPET is a combination of 300mg of these remarkable phytonutrients plus Enzogenol®, the most powerful anti oxidant available, and Celllasate™ an immune system modulator that also optimizes the absorption of vitamins and minerals. There are hundreds of studies and reports that attest to the effectiveness of this natural plant derivative in preventing disease and maintaining health.

Plant Sterols and the potent antioxidants found in ImmunoPet have been shown to be important in helping to keep the immune system in balance, and in keeping the inflammatory response under control. Supplementation with ImmunoPET helps maintain an optimum balance of these micronutrients and provides a natural means of supporting your pet’s defence system. They also halt the rapid decline of the virus-fighting T-cells in immune defence, and help keep the immune system active, which is crucial to animals that are recovering from illness and disease.

These important plant constituents:

  • Produce a modulating effect on the immune system
  • Enhance natural killer and T-helper cell activity
  • Inhibit overactive antibody responses
  • Provide respiratory support which can be due to environmental sensitivities
  • Skin and cellular health.

Extracted from soy (NOT WOOD PULP), and produced in North America Contains 300mg phytosterols, the recommended daily intake have been shown to modulate the immune system.

Discovered at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, contains the most comprehensive complex of natural antioxidants yet discovered Is harvested using a pure water extraction process which inflicts no harmful effects on the environment, nor leaves harmful residues in the product Is an active scavenger of free radicals activated by ingested carcinogens.

An essential fatty acid complex designed to enhance the absorption and retention of the phytosterols and antioxidants within the body No other supplement includes this proprietary complex Has a strong influence in balancing the immune system, especially in people with allergies and immune disorders.

Ingredients Per Capsule
Serving size 1 capsule
Total Phytosterols - 300 mg
Beta Sitosterol - 117 mg
Enzogenol™ - 20 mg
Cellasate™ - 50 mg

Patent# 2,402,429
This product is manufactured in Canada in a licensed facility exclusively for Celt Naturals.

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