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Feeding Guidelines


Every dog’s fuel and nutritional requirements are influenced by many factors including age, breed, weight, work, (also including temporary conditions like stress, temperature, etc.). A dog should normally be fed one time per day. Under conditions of high-energy output or stress (working dog, puppy, breeding dog) it may be beneficial to feed the dog two times per day. The working dogs digestion and performance could be improved if a portion of the daily feed ration is given in the morning. The remaining portion of the dog’s daily nutritional needs would then be fed in the evening (At least 6 hours after the first feeding of the day).

It is not necessary to do a gradual mix of Redpaw dog food and another brand. We recommend switching feeds directly from one to the other. We suggest that you monitor your dog’s weight and adjust the feeding amount as needed.

A pregnant or nursing female will requite 2-3x the amount listed and is important to break this daily ration into more than one meal.

The addition of cold water to the feed just prior to feeding will increase palatability, provide the dog with fresh water, and aid in digestion and hydration. We recommend that you always provide your dog with free access to clean fresh water.

Recommended Ration For Puppies:

10-15lbs/4.5-6.8kg 2-2 2/3 cups/210-279g      
15-20lbs/6.8-9.1kg 2 2/3-3¼ cups/279-342g 2 1/3-3 cups/245-315g 1½-2 cups/158-210g  
25-30lbs/11.3-13.6kg 3¾-4 1/3 cups/394-455g 3 1/3-3¾ cups/350-394g 2¼-2½ cups/236-263g 1¾-2 cups/184-210g
35-40lbs/15.8-18.2kg 4¾-5¼ cups/499-551g 4¼-4 2/3 cups/446-489g 2¾-3 1/8 cups/289-328g 2 1/8-2 1/3; cups/223-245g
45-50lbs/20.4-22.7kg 5 2/3-6 cups/594-630g 5-5 1/3 cups/525-560g 3 1/3-3½ cups/350-368g 2½-2¾ cups/263-289g
55-60lbs/25-27.2kg   5¾-6 1/8 cups/604-643g 3¾-4 cups/394-420g 2¾-3 1/8 cups/289-328g
65-70lbs/29-32kg     4¼-4½ cups/446-473g 3¼-3½ cups/342-368g

*1 cup = 8 fl. oz. cup. A puppy's nutritional needs vary from breed to breed, and even litter mates will eat different amounts. Because puppies experience growth spurts, pay close attention to your puppy's food consumption and its overall condition.

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