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Redpaw™ Performance - Professional Dog Food Formulas

Redpaw Performance Dog Food is designed for competitive training and is only available at select dealers in Canada. If you would like to locate a dealer or inquire about pricing and shipping, please contact Tri-Natural Products at 1-800-267-6028 or info@trinatural.com

A natural dog food for working or sporting dogs, Redpaw™ Performance offers a special line of highly nutritional formulas for winning performance, demonstrated across all working disciplines including dog sledding, working livestock, field trials, schutzhund, and others.

Lance Mackey, 4 time winner of the grueling Iditarod dog sled race, as well as 4-time winner and record holder of the equally challenging 1000+ mile Yukon Quest, endorses Redpaw Performance Dog Food. Lance's dogs are the only team in history to win both the Yukon Quest and the Iditarod in the same year two years running. (2007, 2008). Competitors who feed Redpaw have won more dogsled races and set more speed records than consumers of any other dog food. Redpaw customers have won Iditarod, Yukon Quest, Fur Rondy World Championships, Open North American Championships and Can-Am Crown.

Redpaw food is highly digestible and contain probiotics and prebiotics to maintain a healthy digestive tract. Using performance as the ultimate judge, Redpaw Performance was developed using a superior blend of proteins, fats, and other key nutrients.


Redpaw Performance Spectrum

Peak performance canine athletes under extreme conditions and competition
• Extreme conditions
• Competition
• Vigorous training
• 4-5 times/week
High performance canine athletes under elevated exercise and stress.
• Vigorous training
• 3-4 times/week
Performance canine athletes under normal exercise and stress.
•Vigorous training
•2-3 times/week



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