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Success Stories

Read first-hand accounts of how Tri-Natural's products have successfully helped many Canadian pet owners and improve and support their companion animals health.

Thank you Fromm: Shiny coats already, we are very happy.


I have two chesapeake/labs, Cali and Tess and my son uses your Fromm Gold dog food, so we decided to try it. When we talked, I told you about how our dogs have sensitive stomachs and were having issues with diarrhea. I just thought I would update you. The dogs are both fine on the food now. Never going to change again. I also bought The Missing Link so we are all good. Thank you for your advice and guidance, it was all much appreciated.  Shiny coats already, we are very happy.

- Martha, Ontario

We are hopeful that Missing Link Feline Formula will continue to add quality to his life and health.


I purchased The Missing Link Feline Formula because I am making home made food for my cat and wanted to add supplements to make sure all his nutritional needs were being met. 

We were feeding canned but I was having trouble finding foods that were just meat with no starch at all without spending a small fortune. My cat Tinkerbelle has a lot of health issues with his stomach, allergies, urinary tract etc. 

He seemed to be doing best when I gave him boiled chicken with pumpkin but I did not feel comfortable with him not having the supplements so I went in search of something to add to my home cooked meats.
I had heard of The Missing Link and know it has been around for awhile so I thought I would give it a try. When I opened the bag I saw a thick soft substance that is a cross between a powder and a granule formula. The closest thing I can think of to compare it to is brown sugar. 

The Missing Link Feline Formula has a mild aroma that reminded me of beef broth. The cat seemed intrigued by it as well. The package once opened has to be kept in the fridge. 

When I was researching I was looking specifically for something with Taurine and some sort of calcium. The ingredients stated that it had these two plus a lot of others. You can read them by clicking the photo of the ingredients. 

Feeding instructions were easy. For a normal sized cat. they suggest 3/4 tsp daily. I started with 1/2 divided into two feedings. Tink gets three feedings a day and his third is a can of food that already contains supplements.
The Missing Link Feline Formula contains 6 oz which is about a 3 month supply for a normal sized cat. It does suggest starting slowly as the supplement contains fibre for digestion. I wanted the fibre because Tink has IBS and he does better with some fibre. I will probably continue to add the pumpkin as well and watch his bathroom habits to make sure all is well. 

My last concern was whether or not Tinkerbelle would like the taste of The Missing Link. As you can see in the photo he goes for it even straight. (I do not suggest giving it to him straight - I just did this for a taste test.) 

So far so good for Mr Tinkerbelle and The Missing Link Feline Formula. He has been on it for a few days and so far so good. I even think it has helped with his shedding which is a huge problem.
We will continue using The Missing Link Feline Formula and I think I may branch out with a few other meats.  Tinkerbelle is a 13 year old male cat with a lot of health issues. With good holistic veterinary care and nutrition he has cheated death on multiple occasions. We are hopeful that Missing Link Feline Formula will continue to add quality to his life and health. Thank you.

- Becky Brooks, Ontario

Fifteen Healthy Fromm Bernese Puppies



This photo is to show to all breeders how the Fromm Family Pet Food formulas are good for breeding. A litter of 15 is rare for this breed, and all puppies are doing well.


- Josee Clavel, Elevage de Michaudville, St-Bernard-de-Michaudville, Quebec

I Feed and Recommend REDPAW X-Series for Kowboy.


Kowboy has been on X-Series for just a few weeks and already we can see the difference! This week we worked him three times and THANK YOU. He is wild, crazy and full of energy. This food is what I have been looking for - he is really much stronger faster and wilder.


- Mike, Healthy Pets, Brockville, Ontario

Quiggley Loves his Four-Star Salmon Tunalini!


Quiggley is a 6 wk old Miniature Schnauzer puppy (liver/white parti) – born Aug. 2, 2012. I have switched Quiggley from my homemade gruel to the Salmon Tunalini kibble and he’s doing really well. No scratching and stool consistency is good!! He LOVES the Fromm Four-Star Salmon Tunalini!

- Kim, Brockville, Ontario

Fromm, We Are Very Happy with the Results So Far!


People ask if there was a difference in Remington (2yr old Black Lab) since we switched him to Fromm Family Pet Food.  Well I can now tell you there is.  Remington is on his second bag of Beef Fritatta and has tons of energy!  He runs and runs and runs some more.  His coat is now even more sleek and shinier than it was. We can not get over his energy level now. Ellie (12yr old Golden Retriever) is almost halfway into her first bag of Four-Star Whitefish, but she looks like she is starting to slim down a bit already.

- Kelly, Ontario

I have a Boxer and A Chocolate Lab and they were both not doing well until I switched them to Fromm!

My lovely 10 year-old lab Dakota was having issues with her coat. She was not just shedding, her hair was falling out. We changed her food to Fromm Gold SENIOR and within DAYS saw a difference. Her coat was better and she stopped begging at the dinner table. She just seemed happier with more spring in her step. And our boxer Madison is also doing well on Fromm. We noticed immediately that she seemed calmer, more relaxed.  I have recommended Fromm Gold to many of my friends. 


- Margaret, Alberta

Our appreciation for ImmunoPET - our five year old Labrador Retriever is so much better!



I am writing to express our appreciation of your product ImmunoPET . Our five year old Labrador Retriever experienced multiple problems from air borne allergies such as repeated ear infections and extreme skin dryness. After taking the product twice a day for a few months, his coat/skin greatly improved and is currently shiny and beautiful. He has not had an ear infection in a year which we are all also pleased about. The product worked wonders for our allergic dog. Thanks for providing it.


- K.Ryder, Toronto, Ontario

I Have Told So Many People About FROMM!


After a friend recommended Fromm, I went to Global Pet Foods and bought a bag of Four-Star Whitefish, and also a bag of the Beef Frittata Veg (thank you for that one).  Already, my dogs breath is so much better! I really am impressed. His eyes are brighter just like I was told they would be! I have told so many people about the FROMM dog food - now that my dog has been on your food, I have seen the great changes. Thanks once again for this food. Its so great to love my little man and now able to stand his breath!

- Joanne, St. John, New Brunswick

We will continue to happily and proudly recommend Fromm to our clients!


Thank you for making such a high quality, biologically appropriate food for our beloved dogs. We will continue to happily and proudly recommend your foods to our clients, as we have repeatedly seen the positive effects on the overall health of our clients pets.

- Westbridge Veterinary Hospital, Mississauga, Ontario

I know their Fromm Four-Star diet and exercise program have a lot to do with my dogs' great health!



My husband and I were introduced to Fromm Four-Star almost 1 year ago and have been feeding it to our 2 Australian Shepherds ever since.  One of our boys is quite finicky. He has a grain allergy and never really enjoyed eating until we started feeding him a Four-Star, Grain-Free Entree. Now he can’t wait until meal time, and because Fromm offers a variety of entrees he never gets bored with his diet.

Recently we took our two Aussies to the Vet for their annual check up. The Vet commented that the boys had never looked so healthy. For their breed and age, their weight, coats and overall health was great. We know their Fromm Four-Star diet and exercise program have a lot to do with their great health.

As president of 1000 Islands DockDogs I am very proud to feed Four-Star and to promote this amazing food through my dogs’ personal success. I cannot wait to start the season with Fromm and to see the results my dogs achieve!


- Karen Larocque President, 1000 Islands DockDogs, Maitland, Ontario

I attribute a big part of their accomplishments in Discdog, as well as Flyball to Fromm!


I have 3 very active sporting dogs, and 1 very adorable dog that is a pet. Thanks to Fromm Four-Star, and the variety of foods they offer, I can feed all four of my dogs without worrying about the quality of the ingredients, or that each dog is getting nutritionally what they need. The variety of flavours is great, as well as being able to choose between different levels of protein and fats to suit their needs and their activity levels. It all adds up to make feeding a breeze. I attribute their accomplishments in Discdog, as well as Flyball, and all the other dog sports they enjoy participating in, to their good health, great energy, and a quality dog food. Thanks Fromm for making such a great product! 

- Heather Gallagher, Maitland, Ontario

Buy Fromm, Your Dog Will Love You For It!


I have been buying your food a long time. In fact I have just purchased a 33lb of senior for the old girl, that means I would be buying two bags one Salmon and one Senior, that is how much faith I have in your product, I have told so many people Buy “FROMM “your dog will love you for it. Yes it may be a little more expensive but my girls are healthy with no problems, good coats, one trip to the vet a year, all is good.

- Helen, Oakville, Ontario

Four-Star Surf & Turf Saved My Dog!

I recently tried Fromm Four-Star Surf & Turf, after feeding many other foods, trying desperately to help my dog look and feel better. He was dehydrated, his coat quality was awful, and he seemed to have lost all interest in food. It was even suggested that I starve him for a few days so he would be hungry and eat again - no way!  As soon as I gave my dog Fromm Four-Star Surf & Turf, his problems started to go away immediately.  Now my dog looks and smells fantastic! Thank you to Fromm and the Fromm representative who convinced me that Four-Star was the best food for my dog.


- Victoria, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Now We Have Switched Our Other 3 Dogs to Fromm!


Bentley just loves the Four-Star Duck & Sweet Potato and also the Fromm Salmon - so much so that we have switched our other 3 dogs to the product. Bentley is now 4 months old and is developing well and gaining just the right amount of weight as you will see from the attached photo.
I do thank you for your interest in our new little guy and also for such a great product.


- Susan Borgesen, Nova Scotia

Flex-All is Awesome for Arthritis & Joint Problems


I recently rescued a little female pug from a pound near Montreal. She was having a hard time walking and her hind legs were wobbling from one side to the other. Our veterinary recently diagnosed her with arthritis and luxating patellas (level 1) and recommended Glucosamine. 


With my knowledge of Flex-All, I recommended that her foster mom start giving her the Flex-All biscuits. Well, I saw this little pug yesterday and the difference is amazing (she has now been on Flex-All for 3 weeks). She is clearly much more comfortable when she walks - she is more active and happy.


I only have excellent things to say about Flex-All, it is indeed awesome for arthritis & joint problems and results can be seen after only a few weeks. GREAT!!!!!



- G. Boucher, President, UNDER MY WING Pug Rescue, Ottawa, Ontario

We believe in your Fromm Gold product so much, we have shared it with friends and family!


Over the last few months my husband and I have tried serving many different brands of premium dog to our bulldog puppy. His interest and appetite for the new food would only last a few days before he would just pick at his dish hoping for a portion of our meal instead of his own. We have now been feeding him Fromm Gold Formula and he loves it. We believe in your product so much, we have shared it with friends and family, who in turn have started buying Fromm for their dogs.


- Carl Wilden, Milton, Ontario

Thanks for never compromising on the quality of your Fromm Food.


The only food my 4 yr old  Long-Haired Whippet has ever consumed  is your product. Puppy Gold first off and now Adult Gold. He has a magnificent coat, clean teeth, lots of energy and solid stools at all times . 
I credit your food and my love  (not necessarily in that order) with his excellent health and vitality and huge spirit.
Thanks for never compromising on quality.

- P. Mitchell, Toronto, Ontario

Within a couple of weeks of using The Missing Link, we saw a change.


My Shih Tzu puppy was just over a year old when he started to have terrible problems with his hips. We could see how much pain he was in each time he moved. When we took her to the vet, they were stumped and offered no solutions except to "put her down".

My sister had told me about your product The Missing Link, so we thought we would give it a try. Within a couple of weeks, we saw a change. She was moving without pain and seemed to be getting back to her lively self!

We are delighted with The Missing Link. Thank you for making a product that works!

- Carol Harper, Cobourg, Ontario

I have no problem recommending Redpaw to any musher at this point.


I have just recently started feeding my dogs Redpaw 32/20 kibble and had absolutely no problems switching them over right away.

When feeding Redpaw, I've noticed that I do not need to soak the feed so far but just add Redpaw to the meat (chicken) and feed it right away. I feed about 2/3 meat and 1/3 Redpaw at this time. Also, I did some feedings with only Redpaw kibble and the dogs ate and digested it fine.

The dogs stool looks good, no soft stool or other stress signs. Their coats are shiny and their feet are still in very good shape as well. So far the dogs have had no cuts or snowballs on the 2-hour runs I do right now without booties. As I've heard from other people around here, I also found that you can get by with less amount of kibble if you use Redpaw rather than Eagle Power Pack.

I have no problem recommending Red Paw to any musher at this point. I know of another team that switched to Redpaw just after I showed them what great condition my dogs are in.

- William Kleedehn, Northwest Territories

Their coats are shiny and bright
and they love their food.


As a breeder of Australian Shepherds and an obedience instructor, I've been using FROMM for my dogs for the past 3 years and I wanted to let you know I am extremely pleased with the results on my show dogs. As an owner handler, I often get feedback from fellow competitors and even judges inquiring about what kind of food I use on my dogs - their coats are shiny and bright and they love their food. I can rotate flavours every week or so with no trouble whatsoever.

Whenever people asked me about food preferences, I tell them to use Fromm products, be it my puppy owners or my students at the school.

As an example, at the Nationals show in the US, the judge almost fell on the floor when he heard my dog is a 9 year old. His comment was "I need to have some of what she is having, she is the best conditioned 9 year old I have ever seen in my life."

Congrats on bringing a good product to our market and please keep up the good work.

Leo Hui
Breeder, Templar
Tri-Mark Canine Services

- Leo Hui, Mississauga, Ontario

I cannot believe the difference in my dog's teeth!


I just wanted to drop you a quick e-mail to let you know that I CANNOT BELIEVE THE DIFFERENCE IN MY DOGS TEETH in just one month of using Nature's Dentist!! My youngest Golden (3.5) had a serious problem starting with his teeth but it is close to being all gone. I cannot believe it! I will definitely be continuing my use of this product.

- Lynda Smith, Ottawa, Ontario

Fromm made the difference on our diabetic cat.


I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the change in health of our cat since changing to Fromm Four-Star cat food.

Our 12 year old cat, Ocelot was diagnosed with Diabetes about 2 years ago and we had a tough time regulating his medication. His fructosian levels were checked every few months and would come back as "fair" at best. At this time, he was on a strict diet of MediCal Reducing food.

Last September, we were introduced to Fromm food and he has been eating it exclusively since then. A few weeks ago, we had his glucose levels checked again as well as a series of geriatric blood work. The vet called back with the results and he tested as "Very Good" in his glucose stability and the bigger surprise is that his blood work tested as "Excellent" - amazing for an older, diabetic, overweight cat.

The only change we made was to his diet. Fromm works! His coat is better and even the litter box is less of a mess.

Please tell the folks at Fromm just how much this product made the difference on our diabetic cat.

- Jane Wakeford, Peterborough, Ontario

We decided to try some Missing Link and in about 4 days started to notice a difference.


3 years ago after 1 week in the kennel, our German Shepherd came home crying when going up stairs. We thought that maybe he jumped up in the run, fell over and hurt his back. Several x-rays and a few hundred dollars later we were told that his x-rays were good with very minor hip displaysia. We had the options of wait and see if it may be a soft tissue injury or maybe he needed to go on a mild steroid dose. Neither option appealed to us.

The sister of a friend of ours has 2 aging German Shepherds and recommended The Missing Link to us saying that it made a big difference in her dogs. We were extremely skeptical to say the least!

We decided to try some Missing Link and in about 4 days started to notice a difference. In a week he was like a puppy again running up the stairs.

Last year we were running out of product and I decided to wean him off The Missing Link just to see if it was a soft tissue injury that had now repaired itself. Within 1 week he started to cry when going up stairs and needless to say, we put him right back on the product.

The Missing Link, in my opinion, is a phenomenal product and I have recommended it to many, many people. Our life as well as Quincy's would not be as full if we hadn't been told about The Missing Link.

Thank-you from the bottom of our hearts.

- Gary and Connie Miles and Quincy, Kitchener, Ontario

Even my youngest, who is 11 years old, who RARELY eats dry food, just LOVED it.


I'm from Sarnia, Ontario and I was at The Petfood Warehouse in Sarnia yesterday and I was looking for wholesome pet food. I was offered a sample of your dry Fromm Four-Star food to try and I am just THRILLED to say my cats just LOVE it. It warmed my heart to watch them eat; they enjoyed it so much.

I've been offered many different packages to try over the years, but my cats have always just walked away - until yesterday that is. Even my youngest, who is 11 years old, who RARELY eats dry food, just LOVED it. I purchased the "Duck A La Veg Cat Food" (dry kibble). I certainly will be stocking up and telling all of my friends.

I wanted to thank you for putting such a wonderful, healthy product on the market. It's so nice to know that there are people in the world, like yourself, who care about pet nutrition. I wish your company the very best.


- Deb Robichaud, Sarnia, Ontario

We thought we would never find dog food that would be consistently enjoyed.


Over the last few years my husband and I have tried serving many different brands of premium dog to our Boxer Xavier. His interest and appetite for the new food would only last a few days before he wouldjust pick at his dish hoping for a portion of our meal instead of his own.

It has also been difficult to find a product that wasn't full of fillers, like corn or wheat, which ultimately made a naturally gassy dog - unbearable to breathe around after a feeding. We though we would never find dog food that would be consistently enjoyed by Xavier, and not cause the gassy aftermath that other foods did.

We have now been feeding him Fromm Adult Gold Formula for almost three months. He loves it and can't get enough (he even tries to open the container we store it in to get more). We believe in your product so much, we have shared it with friends and family, who in turn have started buying Fromm for their dogs.

If Xavier could thank you himself, you would all be covered in slobber from his countless kisses. Thank you so much for making our dog happy and us too. We will never feed our dog anything other than Fromm Gold, you have provided us what seemed like a hopeless miracle.

Thanks again to everyone at Fromm.

From your newest loyal customers,

- Carmen, Ritchie and Xavier Gunn, Ottawa, Ontario

No more limping, no more "clicking" sounds when she walks!


I promised I would let you know how things went with Keisha and her torn cruciate ligament.

I did as you suggested. I gave Keisha 6 FLEX-ALL Biscuits a day for 3 weeks and then gradually reduced the dosage. She is now on 2 a day. I give her one when she gets up in the morning and the other one when she goes to bed. I have also changed her diet & put her on the Fromm's Reduced Activity/Senior Gold.

We cannot believe the difference in her. She really is her "old self" again. No more limping, no more "clicking" sounds when she walks, and she's back to her regular walks again.

We really can't thank you enough Doug for all your help.

- Bonnie Oram, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

Well worth the price of Fromm to see my dogs look so good.


I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with your Fromm Four-Star dog food. I have 5 dogs, 3 Labrador Retrievers ages 12, 8 & 7 years and a 3 year old sheltie mix and a 1 year old sheltie. About 3 months ago I was having a lot of trouble with shedding and dull coats - even small bald patches.

They were eating a premium dog food with recommended supplements. I decided to change food and purchased 2 kinds for them to try. One was another top of the line dog food and Fromm Duck and Sweet Potato. I decided to go with the other food because I could get it in my area but the Fromm is a 3 hour drive away. But 3 of my dogs would not eat that food. One actually went 3 days without eating and I had to get the Fromm sent out to us.

Well the sheltie mix started to whine when I walked in the house with the bag of Fromm she was so glad. She ate it as soon as I gave her some (which says a lot because she is a very finicky dog). The oldest Lab was not feeling well and would not eat so I offered her the Fromm and she ate it all.

Now after only a little over a month their coats are coming back, they are starting to shine and get thicker, softer and stop shedding. All this without using any supplements either. WOW, what a difference in such a short period of time. The food may be expensive but well worth the price to see my dogs look so good.

Thanks for making a great dog food!

- Anne Marie Brown, Newfoundland & Labrador

The food has improved my dog's coats tremendously!


I just wanted to let you know that I received a generous sample of your FROMM food at a Seminar I attended in Marvellville Ontario in March.

Since then I haven't looked back. I now buy your food religiously and have told others about it. Actually, a woman I work with gets me to pick up her food when I purchase mine.

The food has improved my dog's coats tremendously! Their fur is so silky and so much easier to manage. Not to mention that the smell of your food is easier on the nose (mine that is). Also, I had a rescue dog that needed to lose a few pounds that I had been trying to get him to lose for a year. Soon after putting him on Fromm the pounds just melted away and he looks marvelous and is healthier.

Anyway, my boys love it, they look great, they are healthier, what else could I ask for? Who knew that by attending a training seminar I would not only improve my bond with my dogs but also their general health from the inside out.


- Angelique Gibeault, Marvellville, Ontario

Better than last season because of Redpaw.


We have been feeding Redpaw now for 2 months and are extremely pleased with what we are seeing. The dogs like it and in fact are putting weight on, good stools and the dogs have lots of energy.

We are looking forward to the race season and I think we are going to be better than last season because of Redpaw!

- Randy Carris, Manitoba

While positive results are likely, the testimonials used are general results and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results - individual results may vary.

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