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About Doug Boucher

As the President of Tri-Natural Products Inc., Doug prides himself in understanding natural pet food ingredients, and the impact each ingredient can have on your cat or dog. Doug calls Manotick home with his wife and two children and their two dogs - Buddy, an American Cocker Spaniel and Eddie, a Portuguese Water Dog.

For many years Doug worked outside the pet food industry but he was drawn to the pet industry by necessity when his beloved Doberman, Dune became very ill. Doug was convinced that Dune’s diet might have something to do with her poor health. Doug consulted veterinarians, pet food retailers and animal specialists to find a diet that was more natural and more holistic. He soon realized there were no products that met this criteria in Canada. With this information, Doug searched outside of Canada and began to import products that met a strict criteria for improved pet heath. The demand from other pet parents and independent retailers was extensive, and Doug and Tri-Natural Products Inc, have never looked back.

Doug firmly believes that “More isn’t Better. Better is Better.” All of the products that TNP carries, are selected based not just on the first ingredient but rather on the blend of ingredients. More poor quality ingredients doesn’t make a better product. That’s why Doug only works with manufacturers that are committed to using the best ingredients with the best formulations resulting in the best products. Doug truly understands what it takes to formulate a superior food or supplement and how each ingredient will benefit the dog or cat.

Doug is often called upon to speak to industry groups such as veterinary dietitians and retailers. He regularly provides dietary guidance to breeders, trainers and pet parents about such topics as How to Read and Interpret Pet Food Labels, Ingredient Panels and topics specifically relating to healthy diets for dogs and cats.

Working with experts in developing premium pet food and supplement formulations, Doug has been involved "'from the ground-up" on several successful brands, each one with a focus in ensuring optimum health for the pet. These initiatives have helped bridge the gap between prescription drugs available only through veterinarian channels and effective nutraceuticals available for support in pet specialty channels.

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